Review of Sorel Caribou

Is the Sorel Caribou for you?

Sorel is a well known brand producing shoes and the shoes manufactured are generally very much comfy as well as long-lasting, by large preferable during the cold season. Ever since 1908 the company has been producing good quality shoes and various designs have been brought to the market and each one has unique features and values. Sorel caribou also has the perfect usability and worth but very limited options for the color range in its standards. You can order from the three main choices of black and white or buff or black and stone color combinations. However, you can also wait for special orders to get the favorite color of your choice of Sorel winter boots.

Sorel CaribouYou also need to be cautious about the sizing. It is advisable that you buy the Sorel caribou with one less size than the actual. So those having the general size of eight medium, they must opt for size seven for their Sorel caribou. Actually this size also has a good width; the only problem is with that of the length. You will find that the shoes are already very heavy so you must relieve the load of the additional size. You will not find the Sorel caribou coming in any size halfway between two whole-numbered sizes. But your feet can enjoy the freedom in them without any trouble. Remember that these kind of shoes are not meant to be as tight as other kinds of shoes, because more space gives you more place to move your toes and that gives you warmer feet.

You will find that there is room for your toes to move easily and for the thick socks you wear during the winter. The Sorel caribou are not quite greatly styled but definitely very comfortable for the chilly weather climate. Don’t expect these shoes to be light or small rather it is completely the opposite. You will almost feel like wearing bricks in your feet; it’s that solid and heavy. So those looking for something more subtle and softer choice will definitely be disappointed to some extent with this variety of Sorel shoes. If you are in fact looking for shoes that are nice and subtle, there are many other pretty options of Sorel shoes.

The caribou is blessed with top to bottom water-resistant quality. At any situation where you are forced to spend time in snow up to knee length then these boots is really the best choice. The water-resistance is a very nice touch to this shoe, but can in some situations make the shoe breathe too poorly. This means that the Caribou should not be used in warm weather just for the fact that it is water resistant.

The caribou can really help you a lot with its advantages of ice-gripping stepping, padding, water proof nature and you can tie the lace very easily. Both men and women can find the Sorel shoes very compatible with any kind of jeans or skirts and the minor faults can be easily overlooked. It has actually become high fashion in some countries to wear Sorels with jeans.

Finding your Caribous online is a very small problem as there are hundreds of online stores who sell them at prices that are usually a lot better than what you can find in your local store. The problem is that you can not try the shoe. The trick is to go to a local store that sells the Caribou and try it there first. Then go online and order the size that fits you best.

So if you want to get a really warm, water proof, ice gripping and comfortable shoe, the Sorel Caribou is what you are looking for. Don’t miss it!

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  2. Sorel Caribou for you? Sorel is a well known brand producing shoes and the shoes manufactured are generally very much comfy as well as long-lasting, ...