Sorel Winter Boots

In the recent years Sorel winter boots has become high fashion in a lot of the Nordic countries. They would probably be high fashion in a lot of other countries as well if they weren’t as good as they are. A Sorel winter boot is really a winter boot in the true meaning of the words. In this post I will try to let you know just why they are so good.

Sorel Caribou Winter Boots

The Sorel caribou is my own personal favorite among the Sorel shoes. This is a boot that is designed for low temperatures. Remember that as you buy them. You will never buy another pair of winter boots that is as good as this one. The Caribou is actually rated all the way down to -40 F. This should be plenty for most of the people who are living in arctic areas of the world. It has a rubber sole and is rubber strengthened all around the foot. The upper part of the boot is made from nubuck leather. This maker the shoes waterproof in addition to keeping you warm. That means that you can use it early and late in the winter season without worrying about being wet or cold on your feet. The boot also has a removable inner boot of felt, which is very handy for drying it or warming it after or before use. The only problem I have discovered with the Sorel Caribou winter boot is that it is pretty heavy. You don’t want to take these shoes on if you are planning to walk over great distances.

Sorel winter boots for women

Women seem to love the Sorel shoes. All over the place I see women wearing different Sorel models combined with almost all kinds of clothes. This brings us back to the fashion part of the boots. If it is just luck that the design is so popular or if it has been a business plan in the company, I am not the right guy to answer. The fact remains though. The Sorel winter boots for women has really been a hit. I think that most women see these shoes as a possibility to actually have something that looks good and works well. Whatever the reason for women liking it, there are several models to choose from so that every woman can get just the boots she wants. If she decides to put a little extra cash into it she can also get the shoes in her own custom colors.

Mens Sorel winter boots

It goes without saying that men has also fallen for the Sorel shoes. This I imagine has a different reason. Mens Sorel winter boots has a more practical look, and will work great for a lot of activities. Everything from walking the dog to riding snowmobiles is well suited for the Sorel boots. Of course, for the guys who are more leaned towards the fashion aspect of the shoes, they do a great job there too. You can get mens Sorel winter boots in custom colors as well.

Kid’s Sorel Winter Boots

For kids these shoes are just perfect. They can play all day long in the winter without getting cold at all. Climbing threes, playing ball, and doing just about whatever kids do is no problem because of the incredible durability of these boots. They are easy to take both on and of and of course waterproof. Think about getting Sorel kids boots the next time you are out shopping.

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