Sorel Slippers

Even though they are not shoes or boots in the normal sense, Sorel slippers have become such a big part of the Sorel family that they really belong up there with the rest of them. As we know, Sorel is one of the world’s best producers of winter shoes and boots. Now that they have started to make slippers as well, they have a more complete set of footwear to offer their customers.

The Sorel slippers have everything that we expect from something Sorel has produced. They have that Sorel look in them by being fluffy and really looking warm. Actually the design of the slippers is pretty much flawless in that they both maintain the good old Sorel feeling and they look good.

How great is it to come back from a long day out in the snow and take of your warm and comfortable Sorel boots and have not one Sorel slipper, but two waiting for you in the hall? As they say: “these slippers will make your feet smile.”

For now, Sorel has four models on the marked. Two of the models are mens slippers and two of them are womens slippers. Let’s start with men.

Sorel Mens Slippers

Sorel Falcon Ridge Slippers
sorel slippers 1
These slippers are made with a suede upper part filled with a wool blend that is guaranteed to keep your feet warm from the moment you step out of bed and in to them. The foot bed it self is mad from molded EVA, which ensures your comfort. They also have a rubber outsole that gives you the opportunity to take small walks outside the house as well. Falcon Ridge is delivered in two colors: coal and marsh.

Sorel Manawan Slippers
sorel slippers 2
Manawan is the choice for those of you who often get cold on your feet. Compared to Falcon Ridge it is a bit higher. This ensures that once you get warm on your feet, you will keep it that way. It is made with the same suede upper part and filled with the same wool/acrylic blend. It has the same foot bed and sole. Could be though of as Falcon Ridge’s big brother. Manawan is also delivered in coal and marsh colors.

Sorel Womens Slippers

Sorel Nakiska Slipperssorel slippers 3

These are slippers that really look great. Made with a suede upper shoe and filled with a wool/acrylic blend, they practically scream comfortable. And they really are. The EVE molded foot bed ensures that the feet will do just what Sorel say they will; smile. The models for women are also made with a rubber sole, which enables you to take short walks outside. This model comes two colors: Dark Tundra and British Tan.

Sorel Valle Bleue Slipperssorel slippers 4

Just as the men, the women also deserve to have a model that is just that small fraction warmer. In Valle Bleue they have just that. A bit higher than the Nakiska, it keeps the warmth you create in a much better way. Other than that it has the same good and comfortable features. They are delivered in only a British Tan color.

There you have it. I can guarantee that these slippers will be among the best you have ever had. I have not been able to find better ones at least. Sorel Slippers really do make your feet smile.

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